“Silvester Stöger – of cartography and organic machines”

Edition Mono/monochrom, 96 pages, 2016.

The catalogue presents a first overview of the work of the Vienna based artist Silvester Stöger.
In the last years the media artist, who is strongly influenced by digital cartography, is focusing on ink drawings, although the context is changing and the surface of his images becomes more and more abstract. Repetitive structures refracted Op Art, sober psychedelics.

Among numerous illustrations the catalogue includes a conversation between the Munich based curator Viktoria Wilhelmine Tiedeke and the artist as well as a poetic text from the Viennese author Thomas Ballhausen, who opens the work literary associatively for further interpretations.

Edition mono…




“When the earth was covered by dark clouds…”

edited by Silvester Stöger, 32 pages, limited to 10 copies, 2012

A booklet documentation including a large portion of the motives of slide installation series with the same title.

© Silvester Stöger 2017